Confessions Of A Tea Tree Oil Snob

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In a recent article I disclosed my secret addiction to the benefits and overall healthy lifestyle afforded to me by tea tree oil.  I then went on to disclose some of the many benefits of using the natural oil.

Now, I’m going to disclose a secret I’m not exactly proud of, but a secret I think will help you buy the best oil from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree.  Please don’t think less of me, but I must confess I am a tea tree oil snob.

Tea Tree Snobs at a Party

Tea Tree Snobs at a Party

In some respects, this confession conjures up images in my mind of Paul Giamatti and that guy, Earl, from Wings, swilling wine in upscale wineries in Napa Valley in the movie Sideways.  And in some ways the vision is right.  Not all tea tree oils are created equal and as George Orwell might say, some tea tree oils “are created more equal than others.” So, with me as your sommelier of tea tree oil, here are a few of tips that if followed, might make your tea tree journey more pleasurable:

  • Get the right bottle.  The tea tree oil container should be at least as dark as amber.  Clear bottles allow sunlight to degrade the integrity of the tea tree oil.  Also, make certain if there is a dropper that it is glass as plastic droppers have a tendency to dissolve and that can’t be a good thing.
  • Look for tea tree oil from Australia.  Again, I don’t mean to be a snob here, but just as fine wines come from different growing regions, the best tea tree oil comes from Australia.
  • Look for 100% tea tree oil from the Melaleuca alternifotia tree.  It should be noted there are over 100 different types of Melaleuca and many are used for their oils; however, to guarantee the quality and purity the label must be identify the oil as, “100% Australian tea tree oil from the Melaleuca alternifotia tree” along with a “T” value on the label.


Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

  • Make sure you review the chemical composition of the oil.  Tea tree oil is graded by its two main components, terpinen-4-ol and cineole content.  Your tea tree oil should be between 30% and 40% terpinen-4-ol and less than 7% cineole content.  These two components are related so the higher the terpinen content, the lower the cineole content.  A quick way you can tell content is to look for a designation such as “T40 C1.5” or something similar.
  • Not all tea tree oils are alike.  For the most part, if you buy tea tree oil from Australia and follow the above directions, you will be getting the best.  But one word of caution, as some manufacturers seek to cut costs by blending Melaleuca alternifolia oils and other Melaleuca varieties in order to cut costs.  These blended tea tree oils have been known to have a less than agreeable aroma and may have very low quantities of real tea tree oil, which may certainly reduce their value and effectiveness.
Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil Plantation

  •  Not all tea tree oil products are alike (again).  You would be amazed how many products advertise they contain tea tree oil, but if you look closely you will find the quantity of oil, or type of oil is in-efficacious or barely even there. I’ve spent countless hours reviewing the ingredients and comparing products.  There are many great products that make use of tea tree oil and there are others that are also less than great.  My advice would be to check our ratings, as well as the consumer ratings at The Tea Tree Oil Review.  You can go directly to tea tree oil here: Tea Tree Oil.

I think that is it.  I’m glad to get the confession off my chest and hopefully you’ve learned something so you won’t get ripped off by buying something less than the best tea tree oil.  As always, if you have any questions or just want the best up-to-date info on tea tree oil, come join us at The Tea Tree Oil Review.

By Michelle Glover, Ph.D. “The Tea Tree Oil Expert”

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See Also Tips for Buying the Best Tea Tree Oil by: James B.

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  1. Kara says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Could you tell me where you buy your tea tree oil? There are so many products online, and I definitely do not want to be swindled when buying it!

    Thank you!

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