How To Properly Store Tea Tree Oil

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Tea tree oil is like fine wine.  Just as the best wines come from the finest vines and regions, the best tea tree oils only come from the best melaleuca alternifolia plants located in distinct regions of Australia.

Tea Tree Bottle

And just as wine is only as fine as the bottling that protects it, tea tree oil must be bottled and stored correctly.

You see, tea tree oil has three evil enemies: light, heat and air.

Light is a sure-fire killer.  That is why I recommend buying tea tree oil in a dark amber tinted bottle.  Whenever I make a tea tree oil skin care recipe, I make sure to store it in similar bottles.

Tea tree oil, like all essential oils, is prone to oxidization.  That is a five-dollar-word for saying that if you leave the tea tree oil out too long in the air, that the oil will basically go bad and will lose its effectiveness.

I store my tea tree oil, as well as all my essential oils, in a cool place.  Heat can really run roughshod over the effectiveness and even the scent of the oil.

Also, you should make certain not to use rubber pipette caps (eye dropper caps).  They can react with tea tree oil causing the rubber to break down which will destroy the oil, not to mention the dropper.  It should also be obvious that if you use an eye dropper, it should be made of glass and not plastic.

Last, air can also cause tea tree oil to degrade as well; so when you are finished using tea tree oil, remember to replace the cap.

My overall recommendation?  I prefer buying tea tree oil in amber colored glass containers with non-degradable tops so that I can add drops of tea tree oil without fear of damaging the oil.

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